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The most advanced polymer composite coating system available!

Outstanding erosion / corrosion resistance! Repairs damaged equipment — protects new components.

Engineered to repair deeply damaged / eroded fluid flow components.

Repair & rebuild all types of equipment back to original contour! Cures to metal hard, ceramic-like finish.

Protects surfaces from chemical attack.

Concrete, metal, wood, rigid plastics, etc. For most standard industrial environments where mild acids, alkalis, bleach, oils, gasoline, etc. are present.

Extraordinary protection in some of the most aggressive chemical environments.

It is the finest room temperature cured, chemical protection coating system on the market.

Resurfacing, coating & protecting fluid flow components subject to cavitation damage.

Superior strength, durability and adhesion with flexibility, abrasion resistance and elongation.

Rebuilds equipment damaged by cavitation to original shape and contour.

Superior strength, durability and adhesion with flexibility, abrasion resistance and elongation. 100% solids, trowelable.

The ultimate floor protection system for a new era.

Extreme floor protection for extreme environments. Effectively used to protect aircraft hangar floors, mechanical rooms, warehouse floors and more.

ENESEAL CR is a ‘surface tolerant’ coating system that does not require abrasive blasting prior to application. It is a corrosion as well as UV resistant, flexible coating that can provide extraordinary environmental protection to structural steel and concrete surfaces. It also bonds very well to galvanized surfaces.

Repair roof problem areas, reduce solar heat load & protect insulation!

Ceramic-filled, liquid membrane dries to a seamless, flexible, durable, moisture resistant, breathable ‘skin’. Extraordinary heat refractive properties provide for significant energy savings by reducing surface temperatures on roof structures due to solar heat.